Tinkoff apps

How can I use Tinkoff products now? The bank’s apps are still going to work, right?

If the app is installed on your device already, don’t worry: it will keep working. How to update the apps

If your iOS automatically deletes unused apps, you need to disable this feature:

  1. Tap "Settings" and find App Store in the list.
  2. Scroll down and disable "Offload Unused Apps".

If you don’t have the app installed, here’s what you need to do.

Also, all of Tinkoff’s services are available in your tinkoff.ru profile. How to log into my profile

How can I download Tinkoff app to my iPhone?

If you’ve just received the Tinkoff card, one of our representatives will deliver all the documents soon, and help you install the app during your appointment.

If you don’t have an appointment scheduled, log into your tinkoff.ru profile using the browser on your smartphone and add the Tinkoff app icon to the home screen. How to log into my profile

What will happen to the apps for Android devices?

Download the Tinkoff app for Android from the following sources:

  • Xiaomi GetApps — only Tinkoff Mobile is available for Xiaomi devices. Other Tinkoff applications are currently unavailable in the store
  • Galaxy Store — for Samsung devices, you can find Tinkoff, Tinkoff Business, Tinkoff Signature, and Tinkoff Accounting.

How to update iOS apps?

Instead of using a new version of the app, you can temporarily use your profile on tinkoff.ru and add the icon to the home screen of your phone.

How to log into my tinkoff.ru profile

How to add the Tinkoff profile icon to the main screen of my iPhone

I have applied for a Tinkoff card. How can I schedule an appointment with a representative and download the app?

The representative will contact you to confirm the time and place for your appointment.

If you’re a new customer, the representative will help you install the application during the appointment.

I don’t have a Tinkoff app. How can I contact support?

Via chat in your profile at tinkoff.ru or by calling 8 800 333‑33‑33.

List of all phone numbers

I only have one Tinkoff app and I need another one. For example, Tinkoff Investments. What should I do?

Log into your profile at tinkoff.ru using the browser on your device and add the Tinkoff icon to the home screen. How to log into my profile

What should I do if the Tinkoff app is unavailable to download?

As an alternative to the app, you can use your profile. This allows you to use Tinkoff services as usual. Sign in using your phone number.

There several types of profiles on Tinkoff:

How to log into my profile on tinkoff.ru?

Visit tinkoff.ru and click on "Profile" or the person icon in the top right corner. Then choose the profile you want to log into:

To log in to your profile:

  1. Enter the phone number you provided when you applied.
  2. You will receive an SMS with a one‑time code on your phone — enter this code on the next screen.
  3. Enter the password you set when you first logged into your profile. If you don’t remember your password, tap "Forgot password" and follow the instructions.
  4. Done. Add a shortcut to your profile on your phone screen for quick access to the bank. Here’s how to add a shortcut to the main screen

How can I add the Tinkoff profile icon to the main screen of my iPhone?

Please follow these guidelines:

  1. Go to tinkoff.ru from your phone using the Safari browser.
  2. Tap "Share" and select "Add to Home Screen".

What will happen with the Tinkoff app on the iPhones of children who use Junior cards?

If the app has already been downloaded, children can carry on using it and make payments with the card.

If the Tinkoff app is not installed on the child’s iPhone, all transactions can be made in the app or profile by parents. We’re already working on a solution for children.

What will happen to Tinkoff Signature?

The app works fine on Android devices. You can download it and use it as normal.

If you have an iPhone with the app installed, you can use it as you usually do. If you don’t have the app, you won’t be able to install it right now, but we’re working on a solution for this.

How can I change my login settings so that my browser translates Tinkoff profile pages into a different language?

To do this, you need to save the icon that leads to the "Payments" section. Follow the steps below.

  1. Go to tinkoff.ru from your phone using the Safari browser.
  2. Log into your profile with your phone number, confirm with the SMS code, and enter the password.
  3. Go to the "Payments" section. Tap the "Share" button and select "Add to Home Screen." Tap "Add."

You’re all set! From now on, when you log into your profile, the browser will automatically change the language of the page.

What’s going to happen next with the current situation?

We’ve already opened negotiations with Apple representatives to get our apps back on App Store.

While we are contesting the blocking, we have provided an alternative option for our customers: all transactions are available in your profile on tinkoff.ru. We are also working on alternative solutions so you can use Tinkoff apps as you usually do.

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