$LI В продолжение предыдущего поста немного свежей аналитики от Голдман сакс: 2021-08-06 GS: New energy vehicle regulations: Incentives and risks: The Chinese Politburo meeting on July 30 has highlighted the central government’s support to new energy vehicle development. Our autos team analyze the key policies that have driven the decision-making of carmakers and carbuyers. Their conclusion is, after 5 years of industry growth that has developed a spectrum of successful companies (upstream/downstream Chinese list-co market cap has exceeded US$500bn as of Aug 1, 2021), the regulatory framework has become pragmatic, targeting, and compatible with the local environment. They hence forecast new energy vehicle penetration (as % of national car sales) will rise from 6% in 2020 to 31% in 2025, 55% in 2030, and 70% in 2035, providing ample/lasting headroom for top manufacturers’ business expansion. The gist of the regulations is to scale up the NEV hardware, but regulate against cybersecurity risk of software. As a result, our analysts expect strengthening government support on the auto industry’s supply chain build-out, though the development of data-driven autonomous technologies could have more stringent compliance requirement in data collection, user privacy, and machine learning.
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