Tinkoff Named Best Online Bank by USABILITYLAB

Moscow, Russia — 19 November 2018.
Tinkoff has taken top spot in USABILITYLAB’s 2018 study of online retail banks.

USABILITY benchmarked 13 Russian internet banks, which were assessed by industry experts and users in terms of interface usability, functionality and accessibility for customers with disabilities.

The top 3 banks in the study are:

1. Tinkoff Bank
2. Sberbank
3. Bank Saint Petersburg

The panel of experts cited Tinkoff as having made the most impressive progress in 2018. In 2017, Tinkoff.ru took fourth place, but has significantly upgraded its interface in the last year while maintaining the same high level of functionality. Usability tests showed that most problems faced by Tinkoff users were of low or medium criticality, with almost no highly critical problems. Over the last year, Tinkoff improved the customer experience by introducing a uniform design concept for its online bank and increased operating speed. These factors took Tinkoff Bank to the top of the ranking.

USABILITYLAB experts singled a new feature that allows users to itemise card purchases online at Tinkoff.ru. The feature is designed to be helpful in making shopping lists or comparing prices.

«We are pleased that USABILITYLAB appreciates the work of our team," said Maxim Yevdokimov, Chief Digital CX Officer at Tinkoff Bank. «From the very beginning, Tinkoff’s ecosystem development strategy has focused on the best customer experience and delivering top quality financial services through remote channels. The Tinkoff.ru website is a primary communication channel with the bank for many of our customers, where they can apply for a debit or credit card, get insurance or a mortgage, subscribe to a mobile network, use our investment service, book a tour or a hotel stay, and many more. Tinkoff will further improve its online bank while maintaining the same high level of customer experience as in our other digital channels.»

«Online banks are growing, and their functional profile is becoming more specific," said Dmitri Silayev, Sales Director at USABILITYLAB. «They are focusing more on those scenarios that cannot be implemented on the run because they need thorough analysis, deep understanding of the conditions offered, and more complex actions than filling in some online forms. We have seen online banks start to fall behind mobile apps in certain functional groups. Previously different product teams were responsible for an online bank and a mobile app, and they did not necessarily interact. Now banks strive to offer the same functionality in both channels. This means that there should be a single person responsible for this functionality, who now has to pay more attention to developing contextual scenarios both for the mobile app and online bank and to assessing demand for certain functions. Each function should now be tailored to the mobile application and online bank. Engage users, assess design of your solutions and respond to users’ needs.»

About the Group

TCS Group Holding PLC is an innovative provider of online retail financial services operating in Russia through a  high-tech branchless platform. TCS Group includes Tinkoff Bank, mobile virtual operator network Tinkoff Mobile, Tinkoff Insurance, and Tinkoff Software DC, a network of development hubs across Russia.

The Group was founded in 2006 by the Russian entrepreneur Oleg Tinkov and has been listed on the London Stock Exchange since October 2013.

With no retail branches, the Group serves its customers remotely via online channels and its call centre, and operates a network of over 2,500 representatives to ensure smooth delivery of its products. The network covers all of Russia and allows next day delivery to most customers.

The Group’s key business is Tinkoff Bank, Russia’s first and only direct bank offering both own brand and partner retail financial services via its Tinkoff.ru platform. The product range includes daily banking (credit and debit cards, payments, money transfers), savings, investments, loyalty programmes, travel services, SME services, mortgage platform, and insurance. With its special focus on mobile business, the bank offers mobile applications both for its customer base (Mobile Bank) and beyond it (Traffic Fines, MoneyTalk, Card 2 Card instant money transfers).

As at 1 May 2018, the bank was the second largest player in the Russian credit card market, with a market share of 11.7%. The 1Q18 IFRS net income of TCS Group Holding PLC amounted to RUB 5.7 bn, ROE grew to 68.5%.

Banki.ru, Russia’s largest financial news portal, named Tinkoff Bank the Bank of the Year 2016. In October 2016 Tinkoff Bank was named the largest independent global direct bank by Frost & Sullivan. In 2015 and 2016, the Global Finance magazine named Tinkoff Bank as the Best Consumer Digital Bank in Russia. In 2016, the bank also won Global Finance’s Best Integrated Consumer Bank Site award and was named the Best Digital Bank in the CEE by Euromoney. The bank’s mobile application was recognised as the best in Russia by Markswebb Rank & Report for three consecutive years in 2014, 2015 and 2016, and by Deloitte for four consecutive years from 2013 to 2016.