About Tinkoff Bank
Tinkoff Bank is an innovative provider of online retail financial services operating in Russia through a high-tech branchless platform.

Since its launch in 2006 by Oleg Tinkov, one of the best known Russian entrepreneurs, Tinkoff Bank has grown into a leader in credit cards and has developed a successful online retail deposits programme.

Currently, Tinkoff Bank has been expanding to bring-additional innovative financial products and services to Russian consumers, including online insurance services.

Tinkoff Bank operates through an advanced high-tech retail financial services platform that is highly suited for the Russian market and operating environment, particularly in underserved parts of the country.

This platform is entirely branchless, with a very low fixed cost base and high degree of operating flexibility.

Tinkoff Bank offers remote access to its financial products and services through its award-winning online banking as well as through mobile banking and high-volume call centres.

Operating flexibility and reach are further enhanced by Tinkoff Bank's use of direct marketing channels that enable it to attract new customers anywhere in Russia.

Our primary distribution channels are:
  • online (the Internet, mobile services and telesales)
  • direct mail
  • direct sales agents
Tinkoff Bank is a part of TCS Group Holding PLC, which is owned by Oleg Tinkov (majority shareholder) and Vostok Nafta, Goldman Sachs, Baring Vostok and Horizon Capital (minority shareholders).
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TCS group
Our History
From the launch by Oleg Tinkov to becoming a leader in the online financial services market in Russia
TCS group
Becoming an integrated retail financial services provider that offers convenient premium-quality service to its customers through a high-tech online platform
TCS group
Management Team
Strong entrepreneurial management team who have built the business from scratch