Debit card for foreign citizens in Russia

Service fee is ₽0.00 or ₽99/month. 24/7 support. Up to 7,22% per annum for deposits in rubles

Get Tinkoff Black card today

Our best debit card is now available to all customers regardless of citizenship

Complete an online form and download Tinkoff mobile app

We will deliver your card to any region within Russia. Tinkoff app is all you need to use your card

Use the mobile app to load your card from third-party bank cards at no charge

It only takes five minutes to fill out the form

Customize your card
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+60% for contact details

Rapid money transfers to the CIS countries

Transfer money by phone number. You will immediately see the amount the recipient will get in local currency

No commission

Up to ₽20,000/month. Need more? Commission 1% off the amount for transfers by phone number


Transfers by phone number to Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan

Any number of transfers

Send any number of transfers up to ₽1,500,000/month

Profitable card for foreign nationals

₽0.00 service fee

When keeping more than ₽50,000 on the card and other debit Tinkoff accounts

No commission in the app

Housing and public utilities, taxes, fines, and state duties payments using bank details or QR codes

Autopays for mobile communications, Internet, and TV

Transfers to Tinkoff clients by phone, card or contract number, QR code or Bluetooth

Free cards for your family

Get supplementary cards and use your account as a family

Benefits of your Tinkoff debit card

Frequently Asked Questions

Fill out an application form on the bank’s website, it takes just five minutes. After submitting the application, schedule an appointment to get your card anytime and anywhere in Russia. Card delivery is free.
Before your meeting with the bank representative, we will send you a message listing all the documents you need to bring with you. They can include your migration card, work or residence permit, your visa: the exact list depends on your citizenship.

You can make a transfer to any bank card in the Tinkoff mobile app.
Under "Payments" section, select a convenient transfer method: via phone number or via SWIFT.
If a commission is required to make the transfer, we will let you know beforehand.

Yes, apply for a supplementary card in the mobile app.

From the list of accounts on the home page, select the account you are issuing the card to.

Tap the "+" icon → "Issue new card".

Choose the card’s holder: you or your relative.

On submitting the application, choose where and when you want to get the card. Card delivery is free. You just need to give the card to your family when you meet them.

We will deliver the card to your home or office

Bank in your phone

Card balance, payments, transfers and 24/7 chat support