Tinkoff Bank Buys MyPocket App

Moscow, Russia — 28 December 2016.
TCS Group Holding PLC (TCS LI) (the «Group»), Russia’s leading provider of online retail financial services, including Tinkoff Bank and Tinkoff Insurance, today announces that Tinkoff Bank has closed a transaction to acquire MyPocket (VKarmane), an app that allows users to store any data and scanned documents right on their smartphones.

The service was launched in May 2013 and is available for iOS, Android, and Windows devices. MyPocket has 700,000 downloads to date and 150,000 active users across the platforms.

Tinkoff Bank plans to customise the app and integrate it into the infrastructure of the Tinkoff.ru financial supermarket.

Maxim Yevdokimov, Vice President of Mobile at Tinkoff Bank, commented, «There is a huge potential in the products and services enabling collection, storage, and digitalisation of documents, bank and loyalty cards, and other personal identifiers. MyPocket will complement our services and make them even more convenient. The new app will make any transaction faster and easier by eliminating the need to enter the data manually: all the users have to do is store the data in the app. After that, it will be uploaded automatically when Tinkoff.ru services are used.»

Artem Yamanov, Senior Vice President at Tinkoff Bank, said, «MyPocket fits perfectly into the Tinkoff.ru ecosystem. There is a lot we are doing on our own, but at the same time we keep a close eye on the market to check out new services and solutions that might have synergies with our platform. This deal is also important for us in terms of cooperating with startups and integrating external solutions into our services.»

Sergey Pakhandrin, the creator of MyPocket, commented, «We are happy to see the three years of hard work evolve into this highly successful deal. Our product is in the right hands and will continue improving.»

Dmitry Maslennikov, the founder of the Disruptive.vc accelerator, MyPocket’s shareholder, said, «The sale of MyPocket has been one of the most important developments of 2016 across the whole startup ecosystem in Russia. First, it features an accelerator’s exit from a portfolio company, which is quite uncommon, and second, it is a deal between a startup and a corporation — something that our market is lacking. We are particularly pleased to close the deal with Tinkoff, which means our service has been highly appreciated: the bank is well-known for its in-house development of banking solutions.»

The users of MyPocket can upload images, document details, and any other data to the app, process it, and send to their contacts. With MyPocket, all user data is securely protected.

The deal value has not been disclosed.

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