Tinkoff Capital launches funds for investments in semiconductors, buyback leaders and major EU companies

Moscow, Russia — 8 November 2021.
Tinkoff Capital Management has launched three new exchange-traded mutual funds (ETFs): Tinkoff Semiconductors, for investment in semiconductor manufacturers; Tinkoff BuyBack Leaders, for investment in leading companies involved in share buybacks; and Tinkoff Eurostocks 50, for investment in the largest and most financially sound European issuers. Many of the companies in the funds are not available to unqualified investors.

The Tinkoff Semiconductors ETF offers an opportunity to invest in companies producing semiconductors and semiconductor equipment. Not a single state-of-the-art device, from smartphones to the most powerful servers, can be developed without semiconductors. The universal digitalisation of all spheres of life has resulted in a semiconductor shortage, and this fast-growing industry has been gaining popularity among investors.

The fund tracks the PHLX Semiconductor Sector Total Return Index. Since 2019, this strategy has produced an annual yield in USD of 22.7%.

The Tinkoff BuyBack Leaders ETF consists of shares in US companies that are especially active in repurchasing their own shares from shareholders. These companies have reduced the number of outstanding securities by 5% or more during the last 12 months through share buybacks. As a result, the companies in the fund have increased the weight of outstanding shares, reduced the amount of tax on dividends and used the released funds for business development. For example, the fund includes securities from the international online auctioneer and retailer eBay, the IT company HP Inc. and Oracle Corp., one of the largest software manufacturer in terms of revenue.

The fund tracks the NASDAQ US Buyback Achievers Index TR. Since 1996, this strategy has produced an annual return in USD of 13.3%.

The Tinkoff Eurostocks 50 ETF invests in shares of major European companies representing various industries. The fund tracks the Tinkoff Eurostocks 50 Total Return Index EUR*, which reflects the value dynamics of 50 largest public European companies, including Total, Siemens, Allianz, BMW, Sanofi and Schneider Electric. Since 2011, the index has produced an annual return in EUR of 10.7%.

Companies in the fund as classified by country and industry

Ruslan Muchipov, CEO of Tinkoff Capital Management, said:
«We continue to launch thematic funds specialising in industries that are of particular interest to our clients. One of the funds we’ve launched offers investment opportunities in companies that manufacture products that experts refer to as ‘new gold’. We’re talking about semiconductors, without which neither spacecraft, nor Google servers, nor Tesla cars nor your kitchen teapot can exist. According to the Semiconductor Industry Association, global semiconductor sales increased by 6.5% in 2020 to USD 429 billion. Due to the extensive digitalisation of all spheres of life and increased global demand for computer technology, there is a shortage of semiconductors, which, according to experts, may continue until 2023 at the earliest. This testifies to the potential viability of investments in the Tinkoff Semiconductors ETF.

«When compiling the Tinkoff Eurozone Stock Index fund, Tinkoff Investments analysts focused primarily on the financial stability of issuers. These are companies with a long history, some of them existing for more than 100 years. The new fund will enable you to add European equities to your portfolio quickly and easily, while maintaining a high degree of diversification by country and industry.

«Meanwhile, we offer the Tinkoff BuyBack Leaders ETF for investors who prefer an alternative to investing in dividend stocks. Reducing the amount of a company’s outstanding shares increases the weight of the remaining securities in the market. Share buybacks create additional demand for a company’s shares and thus can potentially increase returns on investment in those issuers.»

Shares in the companies in the funds are weighted based on the market value of the share capital. Moreover, the securities of one single company may not exceed a set share limit in the portfolio established for all.

The funds are available on the Tinkoff Investments platform at all Tinkoff Investments rates without brokerage fees for buying and selling units.

*Tinkoff Eurostocks 50 Total Return Index EUR is calculated by Tinkoff Bank JSC.

The securities and other financial instruments mentioned in this overview are for informational purposes only; the overview does not imply any investment idea, advice, recommendation or offer to buy or sell securities or other financial instruments.

Disclaimer Full Text

Tinkoff Capital LLC. Licence No. 21-000-1-01027 of the Bank of Russia for managing investment funds, mutual funds and non-governmental pension funds, dated 3 September 2019, with no expiry date. We would like to draw your attention to the fact that the value of investment units may increase or decrease, past investment performance does not determine future returns, and the state does not guarantee investment returns in investment funds.

Before purchasing an investment unit, please carefully read the rules for the mutual fund’s fiduciary management. For detailed information on Tinkoff Capital LLC and the mutual funds under its management, including trust management rules and all amendments and supplements thereto, as well as information on applications for the purchase, redemption and exchange of investment units, please contact us at: 5 Golovinskoye Shosse, Bld. 1, Floor 19, Room 19018, Moscow, 125212, www.tinkoffcapital.ru, phone: +7 499 704 06 13.

Tinkoff Nasdaq Semiconductors ETF. Trust Management Rules No. 4628, registered by the Bank of Russia on 4 October 2021.

Tinkoff Eurozone Stock Index ETF. Trust Management Rules No. 4635, registered by the Bank of Russia on 4 October 2021.

Tinkoff Nasdaq Buyback Index ETF. Trust Management Rules No. 4636, registered by the Bank of Russia on 4 October 2021.

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